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WIN Energy REMC’s Automated Express Services allows members a Pay-By-Phone option as well as Outage Reporting when calling our toll free number, 888-456-9876. Through Payment Express, you can access information such as, the amount of your last payment, the date your last payment was received, the total amount due, and the due date. You can also call the Automated Express Services number to report an outage. It also allows you to pay by phone with a credit/debit card or electronic check. There are no additional fees to pay by phone through our Payment Express Service.

The system uses caller ID to link to your account. However, it gives you the option to enter the 10-digit telephone number linked to the account that is out of power if you are calling from a different telephone number.

Please be sure that the information on your account includes your current telephone number and cell phone number. Having the correct numbers on file will allow the system to quickly and easily locate your account for prompt outage reporting. Please contact our office to update this information.

In order to maintain the highest level of security, your account and banking information cannot be stored in the Payment Express system. You will need to have your WIN Energy REMC account number and financial information available prior to calling. If you want to pay more than one account, each transaction will be processed separately. The system will prompt you to enter the account number and payment information for each account individually.