Security lights are available to members upon request. The cooperative owns and maintains the light, and a monthly rental fee is charged to the member's bill. The electric consumption of the security light is included in the rental fee, therefore, security light usage is not metered by the electric meter at the location. Cooperative owned security lights must be installed on a cooperative owned pole. If a pole does not exist, members should contact our office to discuss having a pole installed and will be responsible for the cost to install the pole and any extension of secondary lines that is required for the sole purpose of this service. Security lights operate dusk to dawn using photo-electric controlled equipment, mast arm, and LED light fixture.

LED Security Lights- 48 Watts-$ 9.00/month

  • High Lighting Quality-48 Watt fixture delivers over 5,200 lumens. The light temperature is 5000K, which is a bright, white light.

  • Reduction in Energy Consumption-Annual operating and maintenance costs can be reduced by approximately 85%, with a reduction in energy consumption and decrease in required maintenance.

  • Low Maintenance-The life of the LED security lights is estimated to be 72,000 hours.

  • Ease of Installation-LED security light fixtures can be mounted to the existing pole arms, making installations and change outs convenient and simple.

  • Increased reliability-LED lights are a good solution for outdoor lighting. They can withstand variations in temperatures and weather conditions.

Contact our office if you are interested in having a security light installed at your home.